10 October 2019

Web Development Projects That can help You Get a Job in 2019-2020

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Most people have expertise in Web Development and really wanna get their first job???? The Recruiters wanna see the Portfolios fill with previous job Experience or some Useful Working Personal Projects. So today I am going to tell you about some Serious projects you can add in your portfolio and can easily get a job in 2020. I am not saying to copy these projects as it is, add some of your own flavors and I know when a real developer start making real projects, The new useful features come automatically.

First Things First, your Portfolio is itself the most important project you've ever made and most of the recruiters judge the developers through the portfolio design.

Custom URL Shortener Service like Bitly

Custom URL SHORTENER This project can really get you a job. you will make and API in this project to shorten URLs


  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • Express

You have to design this really good and minimal. Then It will look good and fill up your portfolio. Tutorial Brad Traversy's Video Tutorial

Countdown Timer

CountDown Timer This is your experiment zone, you can add more features like a todo list, Alarms and many more and can really get a good understanding of programming. Technologies

  • You can use whatever Framework you want or you can also make it with Vanilla Js

Design is Really Important. You have to make it responsive and fast. Tutorial Wes Bos Javascript 30 - CountDown Timer

A Social Media App (What!!!)

FULL STACK SOCIAL MEdIA APp (Only for Full Stack Developers) Yes! A real working Social Media App, If you have some unique ideas about it, You can be Famous. Everyone knows that Social Media app is very difficult and challenging to make, It's the advantage if you have it on your portfolio then no one can deny the fact that you are a real developer Technologies

  • Front End

    • React + Redux
    • Express
    • material Ui
  • Back End

    • NodeJs
    • REST API
    • Firebase

It's not easy to make and you need to have a lot of knowledge, just think about your own Social media App.

Hail Freecodecamp

Tutorial Full Stack React & Firebase Tutorial - Build a social media app