19 October 2019

What is Going on With Static Site Generators? Why the numbers are increasing?

# Static Site Generator# Debate

I realized this thing that Static Site Generators are increasing in the community like Global Warming. Every day on Twitter, there must be a guy saying that he made a static site generator different than others. Static Site Generators do what??? generate Static Pages through their Templating Language. Is there any need for so many Static Site Generators here, or what are the problems with static site generators which are attracting the developers to make another static site generator. Is there anything we can do about it? JAMSTACK is the future, the headless era is coming.

I posted this almost a month ago But I think this can also help you understand the problem. Here is the link : Static-site-generators-are-not-for-me-my-experience-with-jekyll-hugo-and-netlifycms