23 April 2020

Just Code - Front End Code-camp for begineers

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Just Code 2020

Front End Web Developer, Roadmap for people who want to learn the most useful and good parts of front-end web development in an organized way. Series of Live-streams and code-camp(inc.)

📝 Table of Contents

🧐 Problem Statement

Beginners usually start by learning HTML, then CSS, then JS and then NPM, GIT and then other things.... their motivation starts to end as they proceed because there are no milestones other than getting a job after being a web developer..

They just want to complete the development journey as fast as possible and get the job, but they do get into the tutorial rut + things like imposter syndrome. No guidance leads to it. So What should we do?

💡 Idea / Solution

The idea is to divide the learning process into so many milestones, that person will achieve and enjoy, and get updates. For example, he learns HTML, and directly upload the plain HTML website to Netlify. It's a motivation that you've made your first webpage, now you just have to style it, after styling and learning CSS and Flexbox/Grid and making some designs. You're now a "Web Designer". Now let's have a look at the next approach "Web Development". In this way a person will get motivated at every step, I'll also help them to end up with a freelance-ready portfolio and I'll also review their portfolio myself

⛓️ Roadmap

  • This is a rough roadmap, but in my case, that's what I do all the time. I learned lots of things, but I use these listed things usually.
  • Skip most of the part, learn different hacks, learn modern things, and done...
  • Learn how to debug, Learn how to Figma, Learn how to Animate
  • APIs are great...
  • Your development environment should be productive

🚀 Future Scope

So, I will add lots of resources in the future, you're completely open to help me in it.

  • Going to write small guides, and create more roadmaps like this
  • Create Youtube Live-streams
  • Convert it into Urdu/Hindi
  • Resources Lists

🏁 Getting Started

So, I'm going to follow this roadmap and teach all of the things to you on my Youtube Channel through Live-streams, later we'll edit it and convert into the more high-production quality and short video Join me on Youtube


  • Good Internet Connection
  • Laptop
  • Motivation

Who Am I?

I'm a front-end web developer and a technical writer. I love helping developers to get out of the tutorial ruts, and imposter syndromes + I love to teach them how to do things the right way. Follow me on twitter

ğŸŽ‚ğŸ°ğŸ¥ Resources

Coming Soon, I'll add them to repo + here