23 February 2020

How to increase your chances of landing interviews at Google, Facebook, Netflix?

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Every developer, designer or marketer thinks of getting a job at well-known and huge organizations like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Netflix, but it’s very hard to reach these companies for the interview even if you have all the skills. Today I’m sharing ways to land interviews at these organizations.

  1. Cold Email Strategy
  2. Get Referrals
  3. Personal Projects
  4. Resume Tips

1. Contacts & Cold email strategy

Check your contacts

First of all, check your contact list. It sounds kind of weird but it’s been the most successful way. You'll definitely find someone with a job at Google or Facebook or maybe someone had connections with recruiters before. Reach out to your alumni! They will tell you the honest way to get the job, how they got into it and maybe they can help you (refer you).

Cold email strategy

It's not recommended, but sometimes this can work like a charm. This is how it works:

  • Some employees of the company will post about the job opening, on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • You should comment, DM, and email them and try to showcase your resume and projects to them.

2. Get referrals

This makes sure that your resume will reach the recruiters. But what if you don’t know anyone at a large tech firm and don’t have connections?

This site offers employee referrals to top companies such as Google and Facebook. I like how developers screen your resume, instead of recruiters who may not be technical and usually look for keywords/big names.

3. Personal Projects

If you have some popular personal projects, or you ran up a small community, then this can heavily increase the chances to land the interview. This confirms that you’re creative enough, have the skill, and how to manage yourself. Try posting your projects, ideas, and every other thing you want the recruiters to see on your website, Twitter, blog. Check out my popular DEV post on this over here: {% link https://dev.to/justaashir/web-development-projects-that-can-definitely-get-you-a-job-in-2019-2020-4c36 %}

4. Resume Tips

Don’t add every other job you’ve done in the past

There is no need to add every job you’ve done in the past. Only mention the jobs you’ve been doing in the last 10 years.

Make it simple and easy to read.

Your resume should be simple and straightforward. Employers have a minimal amount of time to read your resume, so make sure it’s easily readable. Choose a clean professional font.

Keep it to a Page

It’s my personal opinion and by this source, I highly recommend that you should consider a one-page resume other than using two or more pages.


Google is just like any other company out there, but it’s company culture and lots of competition have made it hard to get a job there.

My Advice Try again and again, get referrals, send emails, make personal projects and make a perfect resume, one day you'll get the opportunity.

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