9 February 2020

Fill up your portfolio with meaningful projects, Use these APIs

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Hi, You should be filling up your portfolio with new shiny projects, then just landing pages of dummy websites. People want to see a real-world app with all the data, they want to feel it and they don't just want lorem ipsum. So It's time for you to use an Open API to create a real-world project. You can create a project with these APIs using Vanilla JS, JQuery, VueJS, React or even Angular. You just need to fetch the data from the APIs and then use it, you can pass different parameters to give the users dynamic search functionality or filter and sorting.

Let's Start


It's a very great API to start, who don't like Movies? There are lots of possibilities, You can create your own IMDB like database website, or better trailer and movie recommendation website with Modern UI. Recruiters really like a project like this, but try to be a little unique cause otherwise, it'll look like a copy-paste of just API calls.

Open Weather

Weather App is just the simplest example to show, just use this API and pick up a clean UI from dribble or Pinterest and try to make an app, It would be really great if you make a PWA, It will stand out as it'll show the cached data and can be installed on any phone.

Unsplash API

I guess you've used their website to get backgrounds or stock photos. It's a huge collection of royalty-free photos. You can also use their API, to get backgrounds and pictures by categories, sizes, search parameters, and random. You can create a chrome extension for a new tab to show a random picture every 1 hour with a clock and Pomodoro.


It's a really well-cooked API if you're trying to learn something and it's really fun, you can create a card game or a Wikipedia of Pokemons. If you love Pokemon then this is the best API for you to get your hands dirty.

Rest Countries API

It's the only API you'll ever need if you're looking for information about countries. It'll give you all the information like Currency, Postal Codes, Calling Codes, Capital, Cities, Population. You can create a beautiful analytical page for every country using charts and data.